How to prepare for the Ludum Dare Game Jam

Three times a year, there’s Ludum Dare happening, the event where you task yourself to create a game in 48 hours. That’s a pretty tough limitation! However, here are my personal suggestions and recommendations how to make it.


There’s not much that’s worse than patching your game. Maybe GUI coding. Apart from that it’s a chore. I mean, look: You got a game you thought was complete, functional and an overall aesthetic product you’re really proud of. “Look, ma! I did it!”. And once you show it around people tell you about that…

New Horizons

After development and offering new patches for Fine Sweeper is drawing to a close (which I am really happy about!), I am toying with a couple of new ideas and concepts. Here’s what’s currently on my mind for future games.


Not much to see here yet. I am still working out the details (this is the only work-out I get), so sorry for disappointing you for now, dear stray visitor to this page.