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“The Testimony” or my spoiler-free review of The Witness

So Jon Blow’s team finally released The Witness, as you might have heard by following any indie game developers on Twitter. Some see it the Best Game Of All Time, others give it 2 out of 5 stars. I will provide my perspective on this interactive experience, one utterly unique because I consider myself a…

Starting is hard!

Anybody who is creating something is familiar with it. The blank canvas. The empty document with a blinking cursor on the upper left. The baby-blue default background in Unity. The template class definition. The creeping need to procrastinate some more. Underneath my poker face there’s a war in progress, The Urge to Create battles the…

The Key

The Key

Another staple of traditional game design is The Key. In my life as a gamer, I have found thousands of keys for doors, keys for treasure chests, keys for locks and even keys for the game itself. Here are my opinions about keys in game design, what they are, where they make sense, when not…

The Crate

The Crate

Crates in games are much like a living fossil now; they have been around for a looooong time, and a lot has since been written about crates in video games. There are even art projects about this trope. Everything about crates in games has been said. But not by me. Onwards!

hammer tool


Tools are an important part of game making. I am not talking about those “big” tools that come with your engine of choice, rather there are many little things over the course of making a game that can be automated. Here’s a little overview of the tools I coded and/or planning to make for myself…

Game Dev Desk

How to prepare for the Ludum Dare Game Jam

Three times a year, there’s Ludum Dare happening, the event where you task yourself to create a game in 48 hours. That’s a pretty tough limitation! However, here are my personal suggestions and recommendations how to make it.

Duckt Tape


There’s not much that’s worse than patching your game. Maybe GUI coding. Apart from that it’s a chore. I mean, look: You got a game you thought was complete, functional and an overall aesthetic product you’re really proud of. “Look, ma! I did it!”. And once you show it around people tell you about that…